Alliance Quiz, Question and Answer in Rise of Kingdoms

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1Which European wrote the first travelogue detailing China’s history, culture, and art?Marco Polo
2Which of these commanders carries a bow and arrows as well as a sword?AEthelflaed
3What is maximum number of King’s Road decorative buildings a governor can construct?400
4What letter is shown on the Scolar’s Lucky Coin decoration?L
5How many Medals of the Conqueror are needed to purchase a Legendary Commander Sculpture in the Medal Store in Expedition mode?1500
6In Ark of Osiris, which Speedup can you use?Healing Speedup
7How much capacity does a Lvl 15 Hospital provide (exclulding boosts)?29,000
8What kind of commander becomes the temporary Garrison Commander in the even a Governor has not nominated a commander or the nominated commer is not present?The highest level commander currently present
9Which of these commanders has an Attack branch on their Talent tree?Centurion
10Which of the following will NOT prevent you from entering an Ark of Osiris Battlefield?Activating an Attack Enhancement
11Which of these is not an Alliance Skill?Rapid March
12What is achille’s weak point?Heel
13Military campaign Thutmose III?Battle of Megiddo
14Which type of garden was not common in Ancient Egypt?Public Garden
15How many stars on Minamoto3
16Which commander does not carry a sword?Theodora
17Which plant on Cao Cao and Mulan backgroundBamboo
18Which is a line from Tomoe Gozen?My power even scares ghosts
19How many roses on Rose Petals?4
20How many emeralds on Matilda of Flanders?4
22Which commander gathers resources? A: Cleopatra VII
23How do you get alliance credits? A: Constructing alliance buildings
24Which is not a way to get commander EXP? Battling other players
25What color is a Polar bear’s skin? Black
26What tier of crystal treasure is found in the lvl 26 alliance gift? Blue Crystal
27Which Unit type is strong against Infantry?Archers
28What weapon does the commander Richard I wield? An axe and Shield
29France and Germany were both once part of what Feudal Kingdom? Francia
30What is the native language of Cleopatra VII, otherwise known as Cleopatra Queen? Greek
31Which of the following is a phase of the Mightiest Governor event?Enemy Elim
32What color gemstones are engraved upon Crown El CId? Red
33Construction materials ancient egypt building industry? Mudbricks stone
34Which troop types will receive a bonus from Easter city skin?Archer
35Which portuguese explorer first European to sail to southern Africa? Bartimo
36Which Ceroli comes from Sabertooth valley? Ak Hok
37Which of these gods of ancient egypt was also symbol of royal authority?Horus
38Which Pharaoh constructed the Bent Pyramid? Sneferu
39Which country has Quetzal as national bird?Guatemala
40Which commander background has a dog? Richard
41hich does not prevent you from entering Ark of Osiris?Attack enhancement
42How many watchtowers does a city hall 25? 8
43Which commander has a ring in left hand? Queen Tamar
44Which of these gods of ancient egypt was also symbol of royal authority?Horus
45Which of the following is not a single celled organism? Mites
46Which state was first to papyrus?Egypt
47How many students sit on Lyceum of Wisdom?6
48Santa Claus travels on a sleigh pulled by which animal?Reindeer
49Which of these boosts work in Expedition? All of them.
50How do you obtain the Friend of the Kingdom achievement? 100 Villages
51What achievement spending 200 gold key in single transaction? All In
52What do dragon lancers carry in their left hand?Tobacco pipe
53 Which Ceroli uses a bow for a weapon? Keira
54Which type of stone did the ancient Egyptians extract? Limestone
55Which was not essential for a vivizer in Ancient Egypt? Royal Blood
56What boost does Joan of Arc give to allies?Rage
57By what name are Ak and Hok known by? The astral twins.
58What kingdom did Boudica reign over? Iceni
59 Which commander has the thickest eyebrows?Cao Cao
60Which commander has flowers? Boudica

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